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Elementary School Math Tutoring

Students in elementary school are building the foundations of their mathematical knowledge. They master counting and the four basic operations, and begin to explore concepts in geometry, fractions and decimals, measurement and data, and algebra. APi Math instructors help your student learn several strategies for approaching math problems, help them demonstrate their thinking and communicate their ideas, and emphasize the importance of precision and rational thinking.


Elementary School Math Concepts

Counting and Cardinality

Students learn to count to tell the number of objects and are able to compare numbers.

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Students understand the base ten place value system and use it to perform operations.


Students learn about lines, angles, and 2D and 3D shapes. Concepts include area, volume, and coordinate planes. 

Measurement and Data

Students measure attributes such as height, weight, and capacity, convert measurements, and represent and interpret data.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Students are able to represent and solve problems using the four basic operations.

Numbers and Operations with Fractions

Students understand equivalent fractions, decimal notation, and operations with fractions.

Common Core

Common Core standards focus on mastering multiple strategies to solve a problem, from concrete to abstract. Students need to demonstrate a deep understanding of mathematical concepts such as place value and equivalence. APi Math is aligned with Common Core standards and the curricula used in most elementary schools.

Singapore math

Based on the national math curriculum used in Singaporean schools, Singapore math focuses on teaching fewer concepts at greater depth. Using a three-phase system of teaching concepts (concrete, pictorial, abstract), students master each skill in a way that is developmentally appropriate. APi offers Singapore Math for interested families.

Advanced math

Is your student struggling to stay engaged in class? APi Math provides challenging advanced math instruction that will test students' fluency and problem-solving skills. Concepts are accelerated, and students are introduced to more advanced math topics. Students also use their skills to solve complex real-world problems.

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