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Math Tutor

Middle School Math Tutoring

The jump from elementary to middle school can be challenging for any student. Whether your student needs review of elementary concepts (division, comparing fractions, etc.) or practice with new concepts like functions, volume, or linear equations, APi Math is here to help. Students will work on choosing appropriate strategies, organizing their work, and explaining their solutions as they hone their math skills.

Middle School Math Concepts

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Students understand ratio concepts and use them to solve real-world problems.


Students solve real-world problems with area, volume, and angle measure. They use the Pythagorean Theorem and understand congruence.

The Number System

Students perform operations with rational numbers and understand the properties of irrational numbers. They use rational exponents.

Statistics and Probability

Students develop understanding of statistical variability, describe distribution and random sampling, and use probability models.

Expressions and Equations

Students solve single-variable equations, linear equations, and equivalent expressions. They work with radicals and integer exponents.


Students define, evaluate, and compare functions. They use functions to model relationships between quantities.

Common Core

Common Core standards focus on mastering multiple strategies to solve a problem, from concrete to abstract. Students need to demonstrate a deep understanding of mathematical concepts such as place value and equivalence. APi Math is aligned with Common Core standards and the curricula used in most middle schools.

Singapore math

Based on the national math curriculum used in Singaporean schools, Singapore math focuses on teaching fewer concepts at greater depth. Using a three-phase system of teaching concepts (concrete, pictorial, abstract), students master each skill in a way that is developmentally appropriate. APi offers Singapore Math for interested families.

Advanced math

Is your student struggling to stay engaged in class? APi Math provides challenging advanced math instruction that will test students' fluency and problem-solving skills. Concepts are accelerated, and students are introduced to more advanced math topics. Students also use their skills to solve complex real-world problems.

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