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Math Formulas

Test Prep

APi Math provides individualized tutoring services to help high school students prepare for AP tests, SATs, ACTs, and other math exams. Our qualified instructors provide comprehensive content review, test-taking strategies, and practice problems to help you approach the test with greater confidence and preparedness.

AP Tests

APi Math can help you prepare for your AP Precalculus, AP Statistics, or AP Calculus (AB or BC) test. Earn your college credits and fulfill your math prerequisites before you graduate!


Focus on the three key areas tested on the SAT:

  • Heart of Algebra (linear equations and systems)

  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis (quantitative literacy)

  • Passport to Advanced Math (complex equations)


Prepare for the ACT Integrating Essential Skills and ​Higher Math sections with:

  • Number & Quantity

  • Algebra

  • Functions

  • Geometry

  • Statistics & Probability

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